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Pediatric Plastic Surgery (otoplasty)

This is a long shot, but does anyone have any recommendations for a pediatric surgeon who performs otoplasties ear (to correct lop ears with floppy pinna)?

Re: Pediatric Plastic Surgery (otoplasty)

  • Florida, but we can travel.
  • I just wanted to say good for you for considering it.  I know many people consider it taboo but I have one ear that has a congential malformation that needs a unilateral otoplasty.  I'm 28, I refuse to wear my hair up and WILL get it fixed as soon as we can!
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  • For DS, we have always known we would do it, it is both ears and it means he needs a special strap to keep his hearing aids and glasses secured. Also, I don't care about people who have something critical to say about it, especially since most have never faced the issue.
    Will your insurance cover any of the cost?
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