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playtex drop ins

whats your opinion on these? im starting to hate the Avent. Weird nipple shape and gas.

Re: playtex drop ins

  • We love them and use them mostly for daycare. The teachers dont mind them and they warm up quickly. After a long day of work, they are a million times better then cleaning all the pieces. The nipple isn't bad, and there are a few to choose from. They do lessen gas also. Just beware of the off brand liners, as they do not fit the bottles correctly and show an inaccurate amount in the bottle. We stick with Playtex brand liners. I recommend these bottles!
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  • Love them. So much easier than cleaning a million bottle parts. And way less gas for baby. We use the natural latch nipple, but there are several nipple shapes to choose from.
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  • Love them...have been using them since the beginning.  
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