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Kindergarten question. Sort of special needs related

I have Irish twins. The older one has been diagnosed with autism, the younger one has a speech delay, but is neurotypical otherwise. The younger one's birthday is September 1, which is the cutoff date for kindergarten. We had the younger one's parent teacher conference yesterday. His teacher thinks he's ready for kindergarten, but would be okay being held back a year. If he starts kindergarten in the fall, he would be in same graduating class as his older brother. If he is held back, I have to find him a new preschool and pay for next year. WWYD?

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    Why not have little brother start kindergarten but then repeat?  Is that an option?  My youngest was born Aug. 10.  I hope to start him in public kindergarten "on time" but likely will repeat the year.  It's such a late birthday and I'd prefer him to be ahead than behind.  Now maybe he will do awesome and not repeat -- we shall see.  There could be challenges there (friends moving on while your child does not) but at that young age I hope it's not too bad.  I don't know how hard this is to arrange.  I have a friend in another town whose daughter is repeating and I don't think she was really behind, it's just her preference as she feels she is not quite ready.  Her birthday is end of July. 

    I'd prefer my boys (my older one has autism as well and is exactly 18 months older than the younger one) were in different grades for the long-term.  I would really like to give the younger one some space at school and not set them up so much for comparison.

  • I'd have the younger one do an extra year of preschool. I wouldn't be inclined to put a child who is a bit behind with older peers.
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  • Some things I should add....DS1 is in the STARS program currently which is at a different school than our home school so it's pretty likely they won't be in the same school for a while. The cutoff is "on or before September 1" which is why we will be kicked out of the district's preschool whether he goes to kindergarten or not. I really don't think a second year of kindergarten is an option unless he fails the first year. DS2 is about to get his tongue tie clipped and I'm hopeful it will help with his speech.
  • I have no intention to hold him back just because of his older brother. At the parent teacher conference, his teacher (who is temporary while his normal teacher is on bed rest/maternity leave) was pretty wishy-washy on his readiness. He could go either way. So the decision is back on us. We have a couple more months before we have to make a decision.
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