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Self Care Monday

Last week I read that crafting can help ease anxiety, so the challenge was to craft.  Did you?  Did you find it comforting?

If you did not craft, what else did you do in the realm of self-care?

What do you need from this coming week?  What do you feel is lacking in your life?

This week's Challenge: Take one evening this week (or morning, or afternoon, whatever works best for your schedule) and unplug from all electronics.
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Re: Self Care Monday

  • I did carve my pumpkin.  I also helped my husband create a pac-man board out of a bed sheet.  But both activities were rushed.  I think I would have found the activities more comforting / enjoyable if I had had some time to truly 'get into it.'

    As far as other self care goes:  Saturday night, DN went out with a friend, and BIL came over to watch L for a couple hours so DH and I could go to a birthday party for one of his co-workers.  It was pretty lame, and I am not one for parties, but it was nice spending time with DH.

    I need to stop thinking I am wonder woman.  I need to consider my limitations and say no... even to myself.  I am lacking work / home balance and what I need from this week is some time to slow down and reflect - this time last year was a crazy, scary time.  I lost my grandfather and Lily went in for her tracheal reconstruction all within a weeks time.  I need my head space.
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  • I picked back up a knitting project that I had put aside which was nice, knitting is my zone out activity so it was good to have that time. 

    I did get my 15 minutes a day for me, I even managed to finish a book :)

    I need to make sure DH gets his time too, I feel a little guilty about taking mine because he usually  uses his to be productive (clean the cars, mow the grass, etc) which then makes me feel bad about sitting around reading a book or knitting or whatever. 
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  • I wish that I had a few hours to myself in the evenings, but with DS and my 19month old DD, that does not happen often.  You guys get that.  Anyway, I am continuing my effort to eat at the cafe around the corner during lunch a few days a week.  Getting out of the school (I am a teacher) and just treating myself to a nice lunch is energizing.  Also, not talking is too.  Teachers have to watch the overuse of their voices and I have been on the edge of getting a sore throat for a few weeks now.  This is the worst time of year for that for sure.

    I also bought this contact paper from the store that was really pretty khaki swirly designs on white. The shelves I have in my room are quite old and ugly.  I pulled the actual shelves out and placed the contact paper on the back and then put the shelves in front.  Total update and looks pretty nice.  It didn't cost much either.  i have plans to use it on other stuff too.  (Thanks Pintrest for the decor idea).  Anyway, if I had a pic I would PIP-- maybe next week :)

    From this week i would like some down time.  DH has been sick and therefore has a lower tolerance for DS's behavior.  I feel like something needs to change because him and I are arguing about the same things over and over.  Its like we are treading water in our lives.  He said he wants to go to the gym more.  Its a matter of figuring out how to fit it all in.  I feel better when I am able to do things for me too.  We keep talking about it, but are having a hard time trying to figure out how to make it work.  Our family watches the kids or takes DS to therapy multiple times a week.  So we feel guilty ever asking them to watch the kids so we can do "couple" things.  We are nervous about DS's needs to ask anyone else.  i know its stupid.  I should feel comfortable with other people.  Its just things like he is still not potty trained and doesn't respond to his name consistently and you know all the rest. Trying not to spiral into a pity party here.

     Anyway, I could use time to myself.  I am actually excited that this Friday is a half day at work.  That means I can actually spend the afternoon working on everything piling up that has been ignored.  As the school year progresses, my piles of crap on my desk get higher ! :)

  • Tried to not have TV on for most of last night.  Its was nice and then DH got off work and really wanted to watch Jeopardy.  He says if he gets the last question right and no one else does (he does this all the time)-- he will look online and see where they do try-outs.  LOL  I told him it would be pretty awesome.   He is scared of flying so it would have to happen in Seattle for him to do it since that is the closest big city.  Who knows!

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