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No nap???

My baby refuses to nap....she will scream and scream as soon as she is put In the crib and then she becomes so fussy that I finally put her in the carrier and take her for a ride so she at least gets 30minutes of sleep during the day! She sleeps well at night so I hate to complain she usually goes down st 7:30 and gets up once normally 5/5:30 then goes back to sleep after a bottle until about 7:30 but I get nothing done during the day and when she starts screaming it is very stressful because it can go on and on anyone have any suggestions? Or been through this before? Thanks!

Re: No nap???

  • How old is she? 

    Before about 4.5m with both my LO's, I made sure their awake time never exceeded 60-90 minutes (I aimed for them being asleep at 75 minutes. If they get overtired, they have a harder time settling for a nap and then have a hard time sleeping, not getting restorative sleep. This meant they generally napped 4x/day.

    After about 4.5-5m, I put them on a 3 nap schedule (2 long naps and one late afternoon catnap). 
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  • She is 4 months she definitely gets over tired for sure!
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  • Then I would try consistently starting a short nap time routine (5 minutes or so) at 60 minutes of awake time, in order for her to be asleep at around the 75 minute mark. Our nap time routine includes a diaper change, a short book, a few songs while rocking, sleep sack/white noise/lights out. 

    If they weren't sleeping by the 90 minute mark, I did what I had to do to get them to sleep (which usually meant a car ride or a walk).

    Once you've corrected her overtired state, her daytime sleep should get better.
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