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Baby's on a schedule!

So annoying when people say they want to visit the baby and I make sure he's freshly nursed and happy at the time they SAY they are coming - then they show up an hour late! Wtf! Sorry, he was ready to play when you SAID you'd be here but he's fussy/sleeping/eating now, so deal with it. Rant over lol...
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Re: Baby's on a schedule!

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  • Had that happen yestarday and when they handed baby back crying asked, "why is he crying?" Really!!?!
  • All if this! Had a baby shower yesterday, just got him asleep and SIL wanted the person who's gift I was opening to hold him. Needless to say three gifts in he's screaming his head off. He's starting to pretend to be hungry just so that I will hold him for a while by myself!
  • All of these things. Everyone always asks, why do you let him sleep all the time? Seriously?! He's 7 weeks old, people!! He can only stay awake for about an hour at a time, not counting feedings. Let him sleep, because if I have to deal with. Baby that is up all night, heads will roll.
  • Agreed. I think some of my family understands that better then others.

    Or when LO is crying for this reason and someone thinks they know why when they don't.
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  • This is one of my pet peeves too. I'll work so dilligently to make sure LO is fed, happy and ready to be held at 2pm when you said you'd be here, and when you show up at 3pm, you've really missed that window. You are, however, welcome to sit on the couch while I whip my boob out and then try to put a screaming baby to sleep. Enjoy! Sorry, not sorry.
  • Ugh - it was my FIL I was talking about last night - we told him he was too late and to come over tonight instead. He just texted asking if he could come an hour early! Um, that is just as bad as being an hour late.
  • I hate when they turn up unannouced and uve just put bub down and they dont understand she may be out for 2 hours
  • Yes to all this! My dad will try to wake him on purpose and when I ask him not to he says he never gets to see his eyes! I don't give a shit don't wake my baby! Also, the people who say they are keeping him awake so he sleeps better at night. . Yeah, that's not how that works. Now I just have a baby that is screaming because he is exhausted. Thanks
  • @redbennett06 what the hell is up with people complaining about not seeing their eyes? We took Bug to our hometown (5 hour drive without a baby.... 6.5 with!) to meet his great grandmother when he was 3 weeks old. She complained that he was sleeping too much. She kept saying "I haven't seen his eyes open." "When will he open his eyes?".... what the eff lady? I know it's been a while for you but doesn't everyone know that babies are sleepy?

    I took him back when he was 7 weeks old and she made a point to tell me how nice it was that he could keep his eyes open now...
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