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Cramps, Crying & Hormones, oh my!

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I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I think all of the symptoms hit me. I'm a police officer, and yesterday we were at the gun range qualifying. I wasn't shooting good for some reason and I literally had a breakdown. I started crying.. On the range... In front of all of my cop friends. Talk about embarrassing! Lol I feel like I'm on the verge of crying all the time! Is this normal? And is anyone else like this? Also, I've been having cramps (almost like menstrual cramps) weird?

Re: Cramps, Crying & Hormones, oh my!

  • I've been going back and forth between anger and tears myself.  It's normal.  And I've had cramps for a week or so, too, and I'm only 4.5 weeks.  I'd say that's pretty normal, too.  Gotta love hormones!

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  • I am totally with you ladies on this! Glad to read these so I know I'm not alone!! :)

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