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Anyone out there using cloth nappies/planning to use cloth nappies?  We're a bit behind on building up our stash and were hoping there was some kind soul out there had advice to offer an increasingly frazzled newbie.

We've decided we definitely want to use cloth from birth. Considering that baby girls on my side are usually around 5lbs and those on the donor's side are rarely bigger than average, we figure it makes for a better fit to start with terry cloth and muslin squares and build up a stash of nappies for when she is a bit bigger.  Makes sense so far?  Did anyone use cloth from birth and use a different system?  We'd be really interested to hear your experience(s)

Bearing in mind that we plan to wash every other day and will be drying on an indoor airing wrack (with the assistance of a dehumidifier that has a setting for wet laundry and with the added bonus of already having the radiators running in the winter) does 20 terry cloths and muslins seem too few?  And 4 outer liners? Anyone have an opinion/advice on pul versus fleece wraps? (We've decided the extra care for wool wraps is maybe a little too much for now)

Seriously: there's so much information out there.  I think my brain's about to explode (lolz; as I wrote this, a firework went off somewhere)  Any opinions/advice at this point would be gratefully received.

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  • We have used cloth from birth, I'll have to come back and write more later, but just wanted to reply now so that I didn't forget to reply layer, if that makes sense.

    I will say 20 isn't really enough, you should have more like 36. The cloth diaper board is full if info as well. I lurked over there before we bought anything.

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  • We cloth diaper but didn't start until he fit into his one size diapers. We use pockets and AIOs because those are what are convenient for us. Most of our diapers are bumgenius. We still use disposables while on vacay, overnight, and sometimes while out and about during the day.
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    Thank you for the input guys :)

    We weren't sure 20 was quite enough but figured we'd ask to get a better idea whilst there was time to buy in.

    Considering our drying method, we probably wouldn't go for AIO.  We're leaning more towards pockets for travel, day-care (if we use it - that's still up in the air), days out, etc.

    @carls10 We haven't spent much time browsing green mountain as we have been favouring those brands readily available in the UK but since finding cheap shipping, we have added workhorse to the list for investigating.  Thanks for the rec :)

    @mwagner25 bumgenius added to the list for research.  Thanks for the rec :)

  • We have 25 cloth diapers and used them starting at 2 weeks (when the disposables that the hospital provided ran out). We had a 9 pound baby though, so it was easy to use the one size cloth right from the start.

    I think it's totally fine to start with 20 for a few weeks and see if you like that style/brand.  We started with 20 and realized early on that we preferred one brand over the over and went out and bought the rest.  You may also discover you have a preference! 
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  • @stringy813 It's a good thought to check out the cd board; we've looked in a couple times this week but haven't settled in yet.  Our drying method means that AIO is just not an option for us at this stage but we've added a couple pockets for travel, days out, reluctant relatives, etc.  we were debating on numbers for a while.  20 didn't seem quite right but we didn't want to overshoot and spend money on terries that might have been better invested acquiring an extra pocket or two.

    @LolaBelle515 Lolz, thanks for the advice.  There's just so many out there, it's hard to not worry about making the wrong choice (and a very expensive one, at that!) It's probably always going to be a guessing game the first time, since all babies are so different.  That's why we went with basic terry squares and muslins for newborn and plan to build up a stash tailored to her and our lifestyle as she gets older (plus, given that she's likely to be a small baby, it means spending a little less on sized nappies at the newborn stage)

  • Ok finally have a minute. 

    We used mostly prefolds and flats and both were very bulky on our 6 1/2 lb newborn. So I think your idea sounds like a good one, especially since they will dry quickly indoors-prefolds would take a bit longer. I've found I prefer flats over prefolds usually myself. 

    We also got some cheap kawaii pockets, which were nice for my wife for middle of the night changes. I can't tell you how many times I almost put him back in his jammies without a cover over his diaper. oops. He can't wear the pockets at night anymore, but they are really nice we we are out and about. We had one all-in-one and it was cute and more trim, but way too expensive to get for a whole newborn stash in my opinion.

    I was interested in trying fleece, but haven't yet. I'd like to hear how it goes for you if you try it. I think we had 6ish newborn covers, which he can still wear at 12 lbs now) and it was barely enough. I swear that newborn poo escapes the best folded flat or prefold. So you might want a few more covers. 

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  • Thank you guys, this is a big help.  We really want to get our stash as close to functional as possible whilst saving money towards larger sized nappies.  We do have a small amount of newborn disposables that we were given after we started telling people about our pregnancy but we're hoping not to have to fall back on them.  Still, nice that they're there.  After considering the advice you guys have so kindly taken the time to offer, we now have 30 terries/muslins (and that may bounce up by another dozen around Christmas) and we have six pockets for days out, etc.

    We're ordering in a couple extra covers to bring our total up to six and may mention to anyone who asks for Christmas gift ideas that a couple more wouldn't go amiss.  We've mainly stacked up on PUL but have added in a couple fleece for night time and we'll let you know how that goes @stringy813 @redrockmama

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