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Prodromal labor

If you had days/weeks of Prodromal labor or consistent BH's, what did you do to keep from going crazy? I've been having a lot of BHs this morning (definitely BHs and not the real deal) ranging from 4 to 10 minutes apart. They aren't painful but they are really starting to become irritating and distracting. In at work so I can't just take a bath or a nap. I'm trying to drink water and alternate between sitting on my yoga ball and walking around when I can. I don't want to spend the next few weeks at work having Prodromal labor :/

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  • Yes, I dealt with that for 5 weeks before having my daughter 5 weeks early. Nothing really helps, but the day of her birth active labor was quick for me!

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  • Can't say anything helped but at night I make our dogs stay up with me and play around. It works as a distraction!
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  • After the first 2 incidents of it, I just decided to not get too excited about every little twinge and contraction anymore.  Luckily for me, they started fairly close to the time when I was going to take off work anyway.  Alternating between sitting on an exercise ball and my chair at work was still pretty miserable by days end, and I felt like I wasn't very useful anyway.  So I've been working on finishing things in the baby's room, going for walks, I spent time with my MIL and my Mom came for a short visit.  When I do have a contraction, I don't start timing until I've had two or three contractions with a notable beginning and end in relatively short period. These early contractions are also a good time to practice different birthing positions and my breathing techniques.  Making jokes like "He's decided he's not coming out until he's 26" also lighten my mood. I'm not even quite to my due date yet, I'll get worried if I get to the end of next week and haven't gone into full blown labor.

    Good luck to you dearie!
    All of this!
  • I think I'm going into my second bout with this. I had it for 2 weeks straight, it was exhausting. I couldn't sleep or move. I don't know how you are still at work. I'm a stay at home mom. My house was a disaster and I let my daughter have a ridiculous amount of screen time. I was hoping I was at least getting some progress, but I went to the dr last Friday and was only 1.5 cm and he said baby was super high still. I had about a 4 day break and have slept amazing and pretty much non stop since, but I fear it is coming to an end because I started having contractions non stop again today. Ugh! Not much longer though! Can't wait til he's out and i can cuddle him!

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  • Ive also had it for weeks! Its miserable I haven't worked or even tried to be productive around the house.  Yesterday I was feeling ambitious and actually accomplished a lot and then had contractions all night long that kept me up.  Of course now they have stopped, but I'm hoping they pickup again soon.  My due date is tomorrow!!!!!! Come on!
    [Deleted User]SarahHeck
  • I've been dealing with this, too, since 32 weeks. The doctors were considering it a case of irritable uterus, but the contractions have been way past normal BH since 36 weeks. EDD is tomorrow. I had an appointment on Wednesday where I was 4cm, 100% and -2 station. I have been dilated at a 2 or more since 32 weeks. It's good to know that my body is doing some of the work ahead of time. I'm sure I'll appreciate it a lot more when I actually do deliver. Last night from 2-7am was the most recent set of contractions. If I hadn't experienced it so many times already, we probably would have headed to the hospital.
  • Mine have been constant and intense since Wednesday and I am 37 weeks, the longest I have ever carried, but I'm not doing much with them, it's just a natural part of pregnancy. I still have to get my son to school, keep the house in full working order and clean and sanitary of course for us all and the baby coming, working, etc. It's just life and I blow through it. Even at home, you'll be miserable and uncomfortable, might as well work and get some money still. At home when you can, try lying down with your feet elevated and warm Epsom salt baths. Otherwise, it's just a waiting game until that Little One is ready to greet the world. I hope you feel better and good luck, you're almost there!

  • My due date is today! Last night I was having really intense contractions 6 min apart and then they just stopped! So frustrating
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