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Birth Story: Liam Alexander

Liam Alexander was born Tuesday, October 28 at 8:06 a.m., weighing 7 lbs 14 oz and measuring 19.5 inches long.

He was born via scheduled c-section due to being breech. It ended up being a very routine c-section, nothing interesting or bizarre. I am recovering very well, and Liam is awesome and perfect. We're getting the hang of BF, which has been our only challenge, but the only issue is getting a proper latch. My poor nips are bruised and to say they are sore is a serious understatement. So, everything is good, and we go home tomorrow.

I really just wanted to post the birth "story" so I can AW pictures of my little dude. He's awesome, and I am in love. I can't get over the "new baby" smell. His little sneezes and yawns melt my heart. Seriously, even his crying seems cute to me.

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Re: Birth Story: Liam Alexander

  • Comgratulations! So glad you had no complications. He is adorable in his little skeleton outfit!
  • Congratulations! Glad to hear all went well. Love his little Halloween outfit!
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  • So adorable. Love it!
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  • Oh my gosh he's cute. Congrats.
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    My princess

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  • Awww what a cutie. Congrats!
  • Congrats!!! He is super cute!!!
  • Adorable! Congrats again.

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  • Congratulations! He is so cute! I love the Halloween outfit! :)
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  • Thank you for sharing his story! I am glad you are both doing well.
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  • Congratulations!!


  • He is so handsome! Obsessed with his name!
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  • Congrats! He is adorable!!! :)

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  • Congrats!! He's so handsome!
  • So cute!!! Congrats and FX that BF starts to get easier quickly.
  • Congrats! Love his outfit!

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  • Congrats! He's adorable! Love his outfit! :)
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  • Congrats!! Love the little skeleton outfit!
  • What a cute kid!! Love the she keys outfit and so glad to hear you had such a smooth c section and recovery is going well!

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  • Glad to hear it was an unevenly full c section and both mom and baby are doing great! Hoping BFing gets easier
  • Congrats!!! That is seriously the most precious skeleton outfit I've ever seen!

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  • Congratulations!!!! Love the pics and glad to hear your c-section was routine and that you're healing well.

  • Congrats! I'm in love with that last pic!!
  • Congrats! He's too precious! Enjoy that baby smell!
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  • Congratulations!
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