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Halloween Babies!!

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How many Halloween babies do you think we'll have?
Just for fun, I am bored, we need a clicky poll!! :)

Of course, we'll need the mama's that give birth on Halloween to AW their spooky little holiday babies so we can see if we were right or not. :)

Halloween Babies!! 121 votes

23% 28 votes
57% 69 votes
14% 18 votes
0% 1 vote
1% 2 votes
10 or more
2% 3 votes

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Re: Halloween Babies!!

  • I pray it's NOT me!!
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    mander82silverwings72[Deleted User]stacyslo
  • meeshybee said:

    I'd be surprised if we don't have any at the rate we've been going. Fingers crossed it's me!

    Yeah that! Me too!
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  • I'm super curious as to what the final number of little pumpkins was!
    Happy November now, everyone!
  • Yeah what was the tally? I got one here!
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