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What's for dinner this Halloween night?

Last night we had pizza....   I should have saved that laziness for tonight.

Any simple, healthy ideas before the candy binge?
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Re: What's for dinner this Halloween night?

  • I have potato soup in the crock pot. Easy to dish out and get on with the night.

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  • My neighbors invited the neighborhood over for soup.  We are going there.  :)

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  • Pizza or maybe Outback Steakhouse for some take out?

    But in all seriously, when I read the title, I thought there would be some 'spooky' meals in here. FI's mother used to make liver and onions every. Single. Halloween. And tell the same spooky story to tie in with the meal. FI and his brother had to eat the meal. There was no getting out of it. I laugh every time FI recounts the memory.
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  • Far from healthy but I made meat lasagna roll ups last night (Pioneer Woman recipe) and we will just eat leftovers and probably binge on cheesy, scary movies.
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  • I just had a large amount of Lebanese food for lunch and DH is working late, so I'll probably have a bowl of cereal or a smoothie....that's not very exciting, is it? 

  • I thought we'd have meatloaf left over from last night but hubby just finished it for lunch. I've been so good with the budget this week and don't want to ruin it, so I think we're going to go simple and have baked potatoes topped with broccoli, cheddar, bacon and mushrooms. We'll also have salad and hopefully our pumpkin seeds will be ready to put on top.
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  • Mom mom always makes chili and hot dogs on Halloween... One of my favorite traditions! This year she's brining it to me since we have more kid in our neighborhood!
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  • Red beans and rice with andouille sausage and cornbread. It finally got a little chilly here and we are celebrating. :)

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  • Frozen pizza...and a salad if I have the energy to make one. So tired.

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  • Grilled burgers and I may have 1 piece of candy.  Stupid GD!
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  • alysonmhalysonmh
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    DH is bringing me home sushi from our favorite sushi place. Specifically their Tiger Roll:

    Tuna and salmon wrapped with a second layer of tuna, salmon and eel then topped with fried tempura batter, smelt roe, scallions and eel sauce.

    I love dipping it in spicy mayo. I can hardly wait.

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  • We're having a Jack-o-lantern pizza from Papa Murphys. And candy. Easy peasy!
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  • Leftover foods and leftover candy (our Trick or Treat was last night).  I did have leftover salad before eating the peanut butter Snickers.  Points for effort?
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  • Lazy wife, ordered Chinese!
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    EDD 11.16.14 :)
  • I did breakfast for dinner: eggs, sausage, toast, fruit. Not the healthiest, but quick. My kids could eat this every night.
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