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6cm. 38 weeks. No contractions. Waiting...

I'm trying so very hard to be patient. I was checked on Monday at my doctors appointment and was 4.5cm dilated at 10am and 6 at 4pm. My doctor sent me straight to triage and said, "you're having a baby tonight!"
I was so excited. Not scared. And not realizing I was contracting at all. I told my sister to buy her flight and i spent a few hours at the hospital. At around 9pm the nurses/on call doctor asked if I wanted to go home. I wasn't contracting and I hadn't progressed any. They checked 1/2 dozen times.
I did want to go home. Since I tested + for strep b they wanted me back first thing in the morning to get more antibiotics. So, 6am... I go back and still no progress, still no contractions, intact waters... Sent home again. Now it's Friday. I'm 38 weeks. My sister is going home Sunday and I am selfishly hoping my water breaks or I go into labor so I can have my sister here and so I can meet my baby. She's obviously not ready. I keep reminding myself of that. But I'm working on trying not to feel disappointed that she's not here. I wish the doctor would never had said, "you're having a baby tonight". Not her fault, just got super excited. Now the waiting game.

Re: 6cm. 38 weeks. No contractions. Waiting...

  • Yup.
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  • 38-42 weeks is "full term". It may happen tomorrow, it may happen 4 weeks from now.

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  • I would ask them to break my water at this point. There is no use waiting it out IMO.
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  • It very well may be a matter of days, OP. I made it to 6-7+ cm with no contractions with my full term babies. It's less common to be that dilated for days/weeks, but it does happen to some women.

    My midwife with #3 had a client pregnant with #5 that was 8 cm for two weeks. By the end of the two weeks she was done and they agreed to ROM. Baby was born 10 minutes later. 
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  • Trying walking and movement, but other than that, your baby will come when ready. Letting the baby come on its own is best and you're a trooper for letting the baby decide when the time is right. Hang in there, you're almost done!

  • Shame on your doctor for getting your hopes up. Ugh. Hang in there. You are so right, baby will come when ready!

    He/she prob meant well. Was very likely an educated, medically supported guess.

    I'm one of the odd balls in no hurry for baby to come out. Eek -- getting nostalgic about last moments of life with just hubby.

    Hang in there, OP. Plenty of days ahead with precious baby.

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