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Vitamin B6, how much?

Do I need to call my OB before I start taking this? How much is recommended? The MS is now making it impossible to make it through a full day at work (I'm 6w3d). I can't do another 2-3 weeks of this :-(. I didn't have this with DS nearly as bad, was only sick 1 or 2 times.

Before I start taking vitamin B6, do I need to call or is this a natural/normal home remedy? I haven't had my first appt yet (not til 8w, and I'm not usually one to go to the doc unless I think I'm actively dying) How much do you take?

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Re: Vitamin B6, how much?

  • I just started taking this yesterday, I've had all-day nausea since week 6 (I'm 9w2d today), and it's been really crippling for the past week and a half or so. I currently work part time from home, but still haven't been able to accomplish nearly what I used to.

    Finally did some research yesterday, and most of what I found said that around 75 mg per day is perfectly safe, but consistently taking over 100 mg per day may cause temporary nerve issues. My daily prenatal vitamin doesn't have much B6, only 2.5 mg. But I could only find 100mg tablets available where I shop, so I've been cutting them into slightly less than half (so aiming for about 35-40mg), planning on continuing to take one less-than-half in the morning and another in the evening. I think it's helping a bit! I had a couple of productive hours this morning. I suppose you may also want to account for any foods you're eating that are rich in B6 (leafy greens, some lean meats, some nuts) but none of those are things I've been able to eat right now, so I'm not worried about that.

    I didn't call my dr before I started taking it, but maybe should have? If the nausea doesn't ease up through the weekend, I plan to call next week anyway and may ask for a prescription of something to get me through the end of the first trimester, when I'm hoping the all-day nausea will subside!
  • So you ladies are feeling relief with B6? I literally feel like I'm dying I have been in bed all week with all day nausea.
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  • Thanks for the replies. DH (who is being an abosolute saint these days!!) went and picked up some sea bands for me this morning and I really think they may be helping, or at least the placebo effect is working. But I don't think I can wear them at work (too obvious) He's gonna look for B6 on his way home from work. I'll tell him to try to get 25-50mg.

    I stayed home from work today, but I really need to be functional next week. It's only week 6 so if I can't get it under control/at least manageable over the weekend, I'll call my OB Monday. Ugh. This sucks. I hate being stuck in the house on the couch, but the thought of even riding in a car makes me want to vomit (DH offered to take me out for a drive later to get out of the house).

    DS is at a sleepover tonight, and I feel bad that I have been so absent/unable to spend time with him. Although he's 12 so he doesn't really care LOL.

    Thanks again. Hopefully the B6 will help too.

    Is it worth adding an antihistamine or Unisom? Or is that just to make you sleep better. I'm sleeping ok, it's just the hours I'm awake that are hell.

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  • I just started taking 25mg (i think id have to look again to be sure) of b6 and half a unisom once in the morning and once at night and so far ot works amazing. I gwt a little nausea right after I take it for whatever reason but its gone a short time later an then I feel fine the rest of the day.
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  • For me, I have to do the unisom with the b6 for it to work

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  • @lovetruly06‌ are you able to stay awake after half a unisom in the morning? I'm going to try that, 25mg of B6 and half a unisom in the am and again in the pm, but I'm worried I'll be too sleepy from the unisom to make it through work.

    I guess I'll give it a try this weekend and see how it goes.

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  • Just wanted to update and say that I'm definitely finding relief from taking B6! It doesn't take much for me; I cut the 100mg tablets into about 5 pieces and take one piece (which I think is around 15-20mg) 3 times a day. The nausea doesn't necessarily go away 100% for the whole day, but I am SO much more functional than I was before I started taking it! I wish I'd started sooner!
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  • My doctor just told me yesterday that I could take up to 200 mg a day.
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