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  • @runningmama14‌ fantastic news!!

    @kyliedaniellexx‌ my OB has never had me do kick counts. She says that you should feel several active periods in a day, but that the baby can sleep up to two hours at once now. She said that you should notice LO being especially active after dinner when you sit down to watch tv or whatever. It sounds like your LO is pretty good! Reading those loss stories is sometimes not a great idea. But yay for a great thrift shop find! I've gotten most of my baby and breastfeeding books for a dollar or two at thrift stores. It's such a great feeling!

  • Is it weird that I just got a bug to go play some slots? I was talking with a coworker who just went gambling and I feel like DH and I should go since we won't really be able to after baby comes. Do pregant women gamble?
    OMG!! I wish we lived closer so I could go with you!!
    I LOVE to gamble! I won a good amount of money on our cruise this summer.
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  • @silverwings72 it took me a minute I kept reading that first sentence as you made a bug play slots! I couldn't figure it out! Lol
    [Deleted User]silverwings72
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