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Self Care Mondays

(I give up, Mondays are Self-Care Days from here on out.  I fear I just don't have the bandwidth on Sundays to think about self care).

As the flight attendant says 'Put your oxygen mask on before assisting others.'  Here is your self-care check-in post for this week.

1) Last week's challenge was to spend 15 minutes a day on self care.  Did you complete the challenge?  If so, what did you do, if not, what made it difficult?  How did you practice self care this week?
2) What are least looking forward to this week?

Challenge: I have just read that crafting can ease anxiety.  So, my charge to you is to complete one craft this week.

P.S. It's a good week for carving pumpkins 
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Re: Self Care Mondays

  • 1)  Last week I was able to get at least 15 minutes a day to myself.  But, I fear that I squandered that time on silly things such as FB and work.  In reflecting on this past week, I see that I really need to be more mindful about how I spend my personal time.

    ... I have the hardest time taking time for myself.  It feels so... unproductive.

    2) I have a lot of work to do this week, and I am already over my hours.  I like working, but I fear all that still needs to get done by Sunday.
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  • Last week was Disney week so no self care for me unless you count riding Soarin' which I love sans kiddo as self care ;)
    I'll work on making sure to get in my 15 minutes this week.
    I'm looking forward to tomorrow, DD is at school all day (leaves at 6:40 gets home around 4:15) so I will be blissfully alone ALL DAY! I'm getting my cleaning and To Do list done today so that tomorrow I can lay around and do nothing. After a week of being on I need a day to  recharge.
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  • 1. It took me one whole week to watch Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone after DS went to bed and I had dinner with DH. I guess that was my down time before actually lying in bed and playing fruit ninja. I beat fruit ninja but some of the blades are locked.

    I never got around to candy corn cookies with DS. We did buy a small pumpkin for DS to color with markers. Does that count? I took pictures.

    2. I am looking forward for the 3 of us to go out of town on Thursday and Friday. We will get to see my parents!
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  • DS's first time drawing faces on pumpkins instead of scribbles! You can't see in these pictures, but he drew arms on the sides of the faces!
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  • 1. My ILs took DS overnight one night last week so it was myself and the baby which was basically like being alone to do what I want because she is so easy.

    2. I'm anxious because DS starts his new preschool tomorrow. His SEIT was here today and she don't take no guff! Hopefully tomorrow she has a good day with him. He also has party at school Friday I am worried it will be too much for him since it will only be his second day there.
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  • Alright, hoping not to screw it up this time:

    1) if you count watching mindless TV as self care, then yes - I did get at least 15min of that every day. I also went to see a movie on Sat, so that's like 2.5 hrs in one day, wohoo!

    2) I am least looking forward to working the next three days in a row...for lots of reasons. But, on Friday, I'll be off and can't wait for Halloween festivities! A group of us friends always get together, the kids trick or treat and we follow them with cocktails in our hands. Lovely!
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  • 1) I have been leaving the school on my lunch break a few times a week and eating in the cafe at the grocery store (just up the street) in order to really give myself some space and eat peacefully at lunch.  Their food is really good.

    2) Honestly?  The fact that I am a teacher and its Halloween tomorrow-- I am dreading the behavior.  I don't worry about the candy as much as just the disruption in routine.  The wind blows-- kids get weird, it rains-- kids get weird, its Halloween and there is a middle school social afterschool?  The day will be a clusterf*ck

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