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Auntie, just a random question

Is that a Persian in your avatar?

Is it yours?

Just kept meaning to ask.  We have one because MIL bred them for the past 8-10 years and recently stopped.  I just do not see them as often as regular cats.

DH is the cat-lover.  He likes to remind me that she is a champion because she got 7th best kitten at the cat show.  I always joke its because there were only 7 kittens (lol not sure how many there were- I wasn't there)


Re: Auntie, just a random question

  • That's a sweet story.  Our cat spends most of her time hiding but has gotten friendlier recently.  I had a feisty chihuahua until last October.  She ran this house and I think that is why our cat wasn't out as much.  Most of the time they got along (they were the same size afterall).  

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