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Epidural vs Spinal Block

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I'm interested in hearing from other STM+ on your experience with an epidural or spinal block with your previous deliveries. What was your experience receiving the medication, how painful it was while being administered, was it effective, any side effects or reactions during labor, delivery or after? With my first, I got an epidural. Had no issues with it being administered and it was very effective during labor. However, I ended up needing an emergency c-section, and I had a very uncomfortable reaction when they upped the meds right before surgery. I lost the ability to swallow which freaked me out and I got extremely drowsy to the point it was hard staying awake during the c-section. I don't remember seeing my son after he was born but do remember being in OR while they delivered the placenta and stitched me up. Once I was in recovery, I remember seeing my family who came to visit and them taking turns holding DS. The nurse was handing me my son and I remember feeling very anxious that I wasn't alert enough to hold him and would drop him. That night, I was zonked out and DS spent the night in the nursery. I hated missing the first 8 hours with my son. I spoke to my dr about it this time, and she recommended a spinal tap since I have a scheduled CS (unless I go into labor sooner, in which case we will try for vbac). She said it's a smaller needle, requires less medication as its more localized, and part of my reaction the first time could've been due to them having to pump with meds quickly to prep for the emergency CS as well exhaustion from being induced and laboring 12 hours. This time, if we end up with scheduled CS, the experience should be very different. I trust my dr and will likely do spinal tap. I have read about some women having very bad experiences with both forms of anesthesia, so curious to hear firsthand from moms who have had either or both so I can better prepare myself. If you've had both, what went into your decision about one or the other? TIA :-) Ps (iPad won't show para breaks...sorry)

Re: Epidural vs Spinal Block

  • I had both with my first. They gave me an epidural which worked great the whole time I was in labor. During labor they had me lay in different positions to get my son to flip since he wasn't facing the right way.

    Long story short, his head was too big to come down. He lodged a foot into one of my organs and the pain was extreme even with the epidural. They quickly removed the epidural, gave me a spinal, and performed a c-section. I didn't have any issues with the spinal. It was strange being numb for so long. Since it isn't removed like an epidural, you just have to wait for it to wear off. Good luck with your c-section!!
  • Like @jkrose10‌ I had the epi first (worked perfectly) and then ended up with a csection (due to decels) and had the spinal.
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