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pregnant + nursing + fussy toddler

I might go crazy! I am 5 w 2 d pregnant, And my 14 month old is losing it. We are on day four of constant fussiness. Will this settle down? I would like to gently wean, but I don't even know where to begin....

Re: pregnant + nursing + fussy toddler

  • Also I am just getting over mastitis on the side he doesn't like and the side he does like is so sore and worn and has a cut now..... so none of that is helping....
  • I sympathies to you. I am also pregnant and nursing a toddler right now. She's 15 months so very clingy to me most of the time. If you want to try weaning, I haven't yet but I have slowly started cutting session lengths which has helped my pain level.
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  • When I try that he gets more fussy lol!

    At least I'm not alone!
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