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Daycare Closing WWYD?

I know this decision is one I need to make, but I'm curious what others would do. Sorry it's a little long...

Yesterday our daycare center announced they are closing at the end of the year. I'm crushed. They have been everything I could ask for. However the director, who is also my DS's infant teacher, is opening a private center in her home. The catch is that it is 30min from my house. The center is about 7mins. I work out of my house so that means I would be driving there and back twice a day, it's not like it's on my way to work or anything. Two hours of commute time a day seems extreme and would mean practically zero time to just hang out together every day. It would be get up and go, come home and start the bedtime routine. I toured so many centers around us before DS was born and there wasn't a single other one that I felt as comfortable with. I'm torn. I don't know what to do. 
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Re: Daycare Closing WWYD?

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  • Search other daycare centers and if none of them make you feel as comfortable as the director you are already with and the center she is opening then deal with the sucky commute.
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  • What about asking a teacher there to come to your house to nanny?! Then you wouldn't have to drive at all!
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  • Thanks all! I think the logical side of me knows it's crazy to think of making that drive every time. It's just hard knowing how much time we all put into finding the perfect place for LO, whether it's a center, in home, or becoming a SAHM, that my decision is falling through so quickly. Guess I'll be on the hunt again....

    @bridetobe9132013 I wish I could! She is looking to have 3 or 4 kids in her home though, so covering that amount on my own would pretty much be my entire paycheck. 
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