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Add ons w/ insurance pump

I didn't see an answer in a search, so wanted to ask for your thoughts. I'm getting a Medela breast pump through insurance. It will be a very basic model, the pump and tubing basically. What add-ons would your recommend? I'm sure I'll need a tote, bottles & pads, but I'm a FTM and just overwhelmed at all the options!

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  • I second everything about that you don't need the bag it comes with - get your own bag, either a super pretty one or a backpack, which is what I use most of the time and is so much easier to carry around when you have to walk distances. Either way, with the little pump you can switch it around in different bags or carry it from room to room around the house. 

    On the ice packs - I don't use them, I have a mini fridge at work that the pumped milk goes into and I grab it out at the end of the day. If I did need them I'd just grab one or 2 of the cheap blocks you use for kid's lunches and an insulated lunch bag. Done! 

    Finally, might I also recommend the following: cheap bottles. The wal mart brand of bottles are about $1 each, and we actually prefer them to the medela ones (well, I don't care either way when pumping, but DH is a SAHD and prefers them to feed from). The nipples don't collapse or leak the way the medela ones do. So if I had to go back, instead of buying a pack of medela bottles, I would have bought 6 packs of wal mart bottles, and then had even fewer dishes to do :)
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  • Great advice, thanks ladies!
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  • I've learned to keep a spare set of parts at work because occasionally I get to work and realize I've forgotten a piece. I've done this with bottle lids too bc I assemble the pump parts to the bottle before leaving the house. Lastly I like the cleaning wipes.
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