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Grunting & Groaning

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Baby is 18 days old and the past week or so she grunts and groans quite loudly while nursing. I don't know what's wrong. Her arms are flailing around or she's digging them into her face. She's kicking and pulling her legs up. She'll pull on my nipples. Or she goes off and starts screaming til I put her back on where she'll complain again. It's a vicious cycle.

It keeps getting worse. It goes on for an entire feed - from start to finish. She'll take 3 pulls and starts doing this for 30 minutes. I'm frustrated and stressed out about it. I have no clue what is making her do this. It's upsetting to see her so unhappy and then I get unhappy. BFing is supposed to be comforting and were supposed to bond. I just don't what is going on. I just can't take it any longer - it's really bothering me.

I plan to make an appt with the LC but I know with my luck she won't do this when I go.

Anyone else go through this ever or know what is going on!? I'm so stressed out about it. I'm trying my best to just nurse through it but it breaks my heart.

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Re: Grunting & Groaning

  • My first thought is an overactive letdown (OALD). Have you noticed milk spraying out when she pulls off in the beginning?

    Block feeding can help, or you can pull her off once you feel letdown, catch the milk in a bottle or just a towel if it's a minimal amount, and then re-latch.

    I would definitely see a LC. I had a very similar situation with DD. Turns out I had OALD, over supply, and she was lip and tongue tied. We worked to correct everything, and now at almost 6 months everything is going great. We definitely have that bond that you speak of.

    Good luck, mama!
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  • Is she gassy?Thats my thought
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    Yes! I had this exact issue! So frustrating. I talked to several LCs and my turning point came when one suggested I do more skin to skin. That day I just laid in bed with him in a diaper on my bare chest for like five hours and he finally calmed down enough to nurse several times. While that didn't solve my problem completely it helped and gave me the confidence to try other things. He still does it on occasion and I find it's normally when he needs to poop.

    As pp said gassiness in general could be the issue. Also one thing I've noticed is if he is a bit congested he will fuss a lot more because he can't breathe through his nose. Good luck! I spent many hours crying over this issue and rest assured it WILL get better.

    I would definitely encourage you to see an LC though, mine gave me tons of positive encouragement and confidence with breastfeeding. It also helps to do the weight before and after to find out exactly how much milk LO is getting.

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  • Reading online about OALD sounds like it could possibly be it. I don't think I have an oversupply though. I think it's just coming out too fast for her. I don't spray though. She def chokes and coughs and gags a good bit. It scares my husband when she does it. This am is a bad one. She won't even nurse, she's rejecting me. Can't get her to empty 1 breast.

    I have a LC appt at 1 tomorrow.

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  • edited October 2014
    Baby was diagnosed with reflux. Cutting out dairy, adding a baby probiotic daily and using gripe water as needed will hopefully do the trick.

    ThAnks girls!

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  • Out of curiosity, why did they have you cut dairy, for reflux?
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  • LC said there is a link between reflux and dairy intolerances. Up to 50% of reflux babies have dairy intolerance. Elimination of all dairy products from moms diet often produces noticeable improvement in a baby suffering from a cow’s milk allergy. So were hoping her symptoms will improve by cutting out the dairy.

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