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Long flight with newborn

Has anyone ever flown halfway around the globe with a newborn?
I'm due May '15 and DH and I are thinking about heading back to the US to visit family for several weeks over the summer when we're on break. (Both teachers at intl school). Baby will be around 4-5 wks then. We'll have to book before baby is born so I won't be able to tell if LO is a good sleeper or colicky etc.
I'd really love to see my family and for them to meet LO and have a baptism, etc.
Anyone with experience on this?

Re: Long flight with newborn

  • I didn't fly with my baby that young but we did fly with a 4 month old. The only concern I would have at that age would be exposure to so many people on the flights without vaccinations. But, the actual flight itself was easier with a younger baby than a toddler! They eat & sleep. However, I didn't have a colicky baby! Also, many flights that long have bassinets that you can reserve. You have to call & book the bassinet after booking the flights...they are on a first come, first serve basis. Also, just so you know, you have to have an airline ticket for the infant on international flights for most airlines, even for infant in arms. It is usually 10% plus taxes of an adult ticket. You can book your ticket before birth but the infant has to be born before you can book LO ticket. I think it will be 10% of an adult ticket in your class at the time that you book it, but I'm not 100% sure of that, so you'll have to ask your airline. One last thing, your infant will need a passport as well. As far as I could understand if your child qualifies for US citizenship, then that child must enter & leave the US on a US passport. You must go to the US Embassy in your country of residence & register as birth abroad. It took an additional 2 weeks for the passport to arrive. All the information you need should be on the Embassy website and you usually need an appointment. Sorry for so much info but I thought it might help to know everything up front!
  • So helpful! Really appreciate all the info. Some good stuff to think about.
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