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Mother of pearl... Post sis question

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Just home after 8h of driving today and 2.5 yesterday to get my sis done. Good news is there are no polyps. Bad news is the catheter kept falling out so she had to insert it further and blow up the balloon more and it hurt a lot and now I am passing clots and still cramping 11h later. When would you guys worry or go and be seen? I don't usually spot after these things. And if it matters I am cd 10.

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  • I had one a couple of weeks ago and was told to call my doc immediately with any bleeding that lasted more than 24 hours, cramps that weren't helped by OTC pain relievers, or any heavy period like bleeding. I'd assume you are just in more pain because of the trauma from the difficult insertion, but I'm definitely no doc. 

    Hoping you feel better asap! And, yay for no polyps!
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  • Thanks, that's helpful @Ruthie04‌. I imagine it's all from the difficult insertion too and so far it isn't period heavy. Hopefully there won't be anything tomorrow but if there is I will call.
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  • I'd call. I was always told spotting was normal, but clots are a bit concerning...

    FX you are feeling better fast!
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