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Forgotten BM bottle

I have a quick question regarding breast milk storage. My DS had an extra bottle left over from daycare that was in the fridge. I forgot about it until now and it has been at room temp for about 3.5 hours. Can I put it in the fridge for tomorrow, or should I dump it? Thanks!
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Re: Forgotten BM bottle

  • You can always throw it in the fridge and then give it a sniff test tomorrow morning.  There's been times that H has warmed up a bottle right as I'm getting home so we just save those bottles for the next feeding and haven't had any issues.  
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  • Thanks! It was never warmed so I am hoping it is ok. I would hate to waste 3.5 ounces!! I will give it the sniff test tomorrow. How would it smell if it was bad? Like sour cows milk?
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  • @rjacques: my fresh breastmilk never really smelled like anything.  Some moms would describe bad breastmilk as smelling sour but my just smelled really off.  I'm sorry if that wasn't too helpful  :-/
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