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Fall asleep in car seat take them out when you get home?

Or do you leave them in the car seat until they wake up?
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Re: Fall asleep in car seat take them out when you get home?

  • Mine usually will wake up shortly on her own so I wait until she does. She sleeps more when she senses motion/movement

  • I leave her in the car seat and put her in a dark room with the sound machine on if we get home and she's still sleeping. I also put her in there when she's falling asleep and I know were leaving during naptime.

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  • I'll leave him in the seat as well. Chance to get some chores done!
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  • I'll leave him in, don't want to wake a sleeping baby, especially one who has a hard time falling asleep anyways.
  • I will leave her in it but she is always awake within 10 minutes of not moving.
  • jht14 said:

    I will leave her in it but she is always awake within 10 minutes of not moving.

    This. Technically you are *supposed* to take them out as soon as you get home as it can compress their airway if they slump forward but I never wake a sleeping baby...I just keep him where I can keep an eye on him.


  • We leave her until she wakes up or she's due to nurse... sometimes we get 10 minutes, sometimes we get an hour or two depending on the trip we took.  Basically if I don't have to wake the baby, I don't and I'll punch whoever does.
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  • I'm like @hizah05. I take her out as soon as we get home. She's a pretty good sleeper, though, and usually I can swaddle her up and put her in her pack and play to finish the nap out. Honestly, other than our arms, I always move her to her PnP when she falls asleep. We lucked out that she sleeps well in it, and I'm scared she'll stop if she gets more comfortable sleeping somewhere else.

  • My LO wakes up and screams as soon as the car stops moving ... The whole trip, including stop signs and slow moving traffic. I wish I had this decision to make.
  • We leave DS until he wakes up. But he's normally awake pretty quickly once we set the car seat down in the house.
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  • I take him out as soon as we get home. He hates being in a slumped position anyways, and I suspect it's because it can restrict his airway. I just know he hated being curled like that, he prefers to lay sprawled out whether swaddled or not.
  • I plop myself on he couch with a bag of chips and rock the car seat with my foot until she finishes her nap :p She really seems to like her seat.
  • I don't care where LO falls asleep if she's asleep, she's staying put!! At this exact moment, she's intermittently sleeping against my chest. Like 2-5 min stretches. Let sleeping "little puppies" lie I say!
  • We keep our LO in her carseat until she wakes up. Unless she needs to be changed other than that, she stays put. My BF leans the front of the seat against the sofa so she's leaning back and not slumped over. As long as there's no noise, she'll stay sleep over an hour. A few times she'll wake up as soon as we stop moving.
  • I always take her out of her car seat. DH leaves her in. Either way she was wakes up when she wants to, 10-30 minutes later.
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  • Usually as soon as there is no movement he wakes up so there's no option for me. I have to take him out. He doesn't like his car seat to begin with so he screams anytime he's in it.
  • Wait, why is it safe to let them sleep in the car seat while you're in the car but not after you're out of the car? Wouldn't there be the same risk of restricting their airway either way? We don't have a car so Bug is rarely in the carseat so I'm kind of clueless about this.
  • I leave him be. He's a good, quiet guy but it's just easier to get the older kiddos situated while he's asleep in his seat. I do recline the seat a little so his head won't fall forward.

    @wrightpalomo‌ There are recent studies showing that the recline of the seat is not the same in the car as it is when sitting on the floor or other flat surface and babies have had their airways obstructed from their head falling forward from bad recline angle. The studies say not to leave babies in car seats on flat surfaces to prevent head flop. This is why you have to pay attention to the angle indicator on car seats.
  • I let my baby sleep, although it doesn't usually last long. Pedi even told me to allow her to sleep in it overnight if her reflux is bad.
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