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What happens when mastitis heals and plugged duct remains?

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I have a plugged milk duct that turned into mastitis.  I took antibiotics.  The mastitis is gone but the plugged duct remains.  It doesn't hurt, it's just a lump.  My question (that I can't find the answer ANYWHERE to) is what is going to happen??? Will my body eventually reabsorb the milk? Will I get mastitis again? Will it turn into an abscess even though I've been treated with antibiotics? Has anyone had an experience like this before?  The kicker is that I'm ready to stop BF so I'm basically sitting around waiting for this thing to go away before I can stop.... I am planning to put in (another) call to my Dr. tomorrow.  They keep telling me it will go away... and it's not going away... (PS I've tried all the usual tricks- heat, massage, baby, pump, lecithin, cabbage, hot shower, etc). Looking for someone with a similar experience or some reassurance that I'm not going to die.  

ETA: I have been on antibiotics/had this blockage for 1 week

Re: What happens when mastitis heals and plugged duct remains?

  • I don't have a clear answer but have a similar situation and can. Tell you what happened in my case. I am still breastfeeding and a mastitis about a week ago. It had cleared in its own without antibiotics. I had fever chills night sweats headache redness and a lump but with more breastfeeding and warm compresses and warm showers all went away within a day, except the area feels ever so slightly more firm still, but less than it used to. I have a friend who is an infectious disease doctor - but prefers not to take antibiotics herself if not needed - and she said that she actually had multiple similar situations but went to a LC who did ultrasound on her plugged ducts that didn't resolve with the above measures, and the ultrasound seemed to help her quite a bit. Again I have in experience myself with it but I asked my own LC about it and she recommended it be something I look into later if I get recurrent mastitis.
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  • I had a plugged duct that turned into an abscess. So, for me, it went - painful lump, then lump with no pain, then pain again, so I went to see the dr. It was an abscess that they drained and then I went on antibiotics for 2 weeks. It took another 2 weeks or so past that for the lump to go away fully, and that was with the abscess being drained partially and the walls of the abscess being broken by the needle.

    So, if it hurts again, go back to your doctor, otherwise, sit tight, it takes a while to go away. 
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    I had two mastitis and everytime before i had a plugged duct! This happened with my first and i decided to give up and pumped only for 6 months! With my second I was sooo scared my LC suggested as soon as i got a plugged duct to massage warm conpresses and Silverette silver cups( silver is a natural antibiotic) and .... Nothing!!! No mastitis and and no soreness!!
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