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Flat head from Rock N Play???

Anyone else hear about this? Most reviews glow about the RnP but some say it gave their LO a flat/misshapen head that had to be corrected with a helmet and Physical therapy. DS sleeps very well in RnP at night and in swing during the day. Sometimes he sleeps on his back in the pack n play or in bed with me,

Re: Flat head from Rock N Play???

  • This was something that totally stressed me out when LO was a newborn.  Our pedi recommended against using it, but it was the only place LO would sleep for more than 2hrs.  LO is 4.5 months now and does not have a flat head.  We moved him to his crib for night time sleep around 2 months and he still naps during the day in a swing.

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  • Like PP said it can happen from any surface (RnP, PnP, bed, swing, car seat). Babies at this age spend a lot of time laying on thier backs. Try doing tummy time, hold LO so that their head isn't always laying on you, and also make sure LO lays on different parts of their head. (ex/ if they are always looking at something to their left while in the swing then make sure you either move the focal point that they keep looking at or move the swing so they have to turn their head the other direction to look at it.)

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  • My daughter used one for 3.5 months and her head stayed perfectly shaped. Like everyone said it can be caused by lying on any flat surface- but if they aren't constantly on their back you should be just fine :)
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  • My LO has a flat spot on one side of his head while the other is more rounded. Pedi said if it's not better by two months (next week) we will be sent to a specialist, DH and I don't notice it but the doc does. LO sleeps in RnP a lot but his flat spot was caused from being breeched during most of my pregnancy. The pedi recomended having him sleep on the rounded part of his head and lots if tummy time! Hoping she thinks there is an improvement at out next apt.
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