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Pumping Question

DS gets pumped bottle at night as per dr bc he has reflux and we thicken them.  I'm trying to see if I can nurse days and pump nights.  He is 7 weeks old and and his night bottle are 3 oz.  I feel like he might be wanting more.  Ladies who pump....how much milk is your 7-8 week old drinking? TIA
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  • My 7 week old takes 3-3.5oz. In the evening she cluster feeds and goes longer overnight like PP said.

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  • Around our 2 month appointment our doctor recommended we up his bottles from 3 to 4 oz because he was dropping curves. No harm in offering a bit more to see if he wants it.
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  • Im pumping between 6 and 8 oz each pump session.  I just upped his bottle to 4 oz  He cluster feeds and scream bloody murder at night but is fine after a bath.
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