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How many oz of formula at 9 weeks?

Two weeks ago when I had to transition from EBFing to formula my pediatrician told me to keep my son's formula intake to about a total of 25 oz/24 hours.  LO is 9 weeks old and I think he is hungry and wants more than the recommended 25oz/day.  Just wondering how many oz do your formula fed babies get? 
I've been feeding him about 30 oz the past two days and he is happier, but I think he would still like more.

Re: How many oz of formula at 9 weeks?

  • Babies won't generally overeat. If he is hungry, feed him.

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  • My 6 week old takes about 25-30 oz of formula per day. Like PP said, they won't generally overeat and they happen to get overzealous, you'll know when they spit up. :)
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  • I feed my 8 week old about 30 oz per day. The dr told me to keep doing what I am doing because dd is doing great.
  • My 8 week old takes 30-31 oz. a day...she's a bigger baby and has always been a hardy eater.
  • I read somewhere 2.5 oz. per pound of weight. Just a guideline. Let your LO eat until he's satisfied. I'd only worry that he's overeating if he's spitting up a lot afterwards.

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  • Like PPs said, feed your babe when he wants to eat.  If you are really worried about it, call the nurses line at your pedi and see what they think.  They were probably just giving you the average, and I doubt they would tell you to stop feeding him when he's hungry.

    Is feeding him the only way you soothe him?  I would be aware if you feel like you are constantly feeding him.  He may just want to be entertained, but would accept a bottle at that time too.  

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