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What types of things do you do to keep the memories?

I'm a first time mommy and am trying to figure out what the best ways are to capture all the memories. I try to take as many pics and videos as I can but i'm wondering what others do? Anything in particular that you are doing now or you did with another child that you really enjoyed later on as a reminder of memories when they were younger?

Re: What types of things do you do to keep the memories?

  • anyone cast their babies hands/feet? I see there are kits you can buy but i wonder here in the US if there is anywhere you can go to have it done professionally?
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    I usually keep their baby blankets and pass it on to a newest sibling. Since I'm prob having no more children, I may make it into something like a pillow. I also have some cute porcelain mugs with their pictures on it and their baby hand prints. I love those mugs :)
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  • I keep a journal in my nightstand. If something funny or eventful happens in the day I try to write in it. I have kept it for almost 3 years now and I love reading old entries.

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  • I have a really nice, leather bound journal. I write a letter to DD in it once a week (I try to write on Wednesdays since she was born on a Wednesday). 

    Each week I tell her how I'm feeling, what she did that was new and exciting, or anything else that I think she'll enjoy reading (or not - one day she had a puke/pee/poop episode meaning she did all of the above on me). Some weeks have a long entry and others are pretty short. 
  • Not sure about professionally casting kids body parts, but we did do the handprints in the plaster ornaments last year with DS.  Inexpensive kits at Michael's and pretty straight forward to use.  I also like to buy the small canvases (6x6 or 8x8) and let him fingerpaint on them.  For Valentine's day I cut out a vinyl sticker shaped heart and put it in the middle of the canvas and then let him paint over it.  When it was almost dry, I removed the sticker so you had that area unpainted in the middle.  We did these for the grandparents and for our home and I love looking at it.  I'm sure we'll do various versions of all of this with DD as well.
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  • We did the plaster hand/foot for both kids. I also keep a journal next to the bed or post a private FB post about funny things they do. I also take a weekly picture of my LO next  to the same stuffed animal so I can see his growth (wish I'd thought to include a sign indicating his # of weeks though!)
  • Where did you get the plaster kit from?! How hard is it to do? I can't imagine my baby keeping still for something like that!
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