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gestational diabetes -26 weeks- Fasting BS

First time mom diagnosed immediately as gestational
Was prediabetic before. Just curious what other peoples fasting blood sugars run .... How much insulin if any you take

Re: gestational diabetes -26 weeks- Fasting BS

  • I am able to control my GD so far with diet. Hoping it will stay that way like last pregnancy.
    In the morning my fasting numbers run in the 80's usually.
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  • I am struggling to keep my fasting down. We are 10 weeks we found out at 5 weeks. My days are perfect however the morning is just a bit high. The dietician isn't helpful either. Disappointing I am going to ask my OB to see a specialist next week!
  • I have gd.. I was diagnosed at 10 weeks. My numbers are usually 76-78 prefasting. I've noticed my nums have been higher lately...around 120 and up. They have been higher lately and I have a bit of concern about it.
  • No longer pregnant, but my fasting number was usually around 70.  Diet controlled.  The only number that ever gave me problems (and not that often once I figured out what not to eat) was my number an hour after breakfast.

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  • My doctor wants it below 95  I'm typically in the 70s, maybe a stray 80-something here and there.  I had to start on Glyburide to help with my fasting number though, it was the only one we couldn't control with diet.
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