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Those of you waiting on a Zipadee Zip

LO does fine in a regular sleep sack at night in her RNP, but we are trying to transition her to the crib for naps.  She doesn't like to be swaddled, but her arms flail around in the crib. Like many of you, I've been trying to get a zipadee zip but haven't had any luck.  Today I had the idea to sew the armholes of one of her sleep sacks together and it seems to help.  Plus, I didn't have to spend the extra money on another baby product. She gets some resistance without being completely confined.  If you don't sew, you could always iron the holes together with stitch witch.  
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Re: Those of you waiting on a Zipadee Zip

  • Yes, just a regular sleeveless halo sleep sack with no wrap.
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  • Having the same flaying around issues and saw this sleep sack on the original zipadee zip post so I ordered one. I let you guys know how it turns out since it is a viable option too!
    Here's the link:
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  • i think i heard that the zippy is available again...? Have you look on the website in the last couple of days? We use it and our LO loves and sleeps really well in it.
  • Is this that sleep sack that was on shark tank?

  • Did I miss this!? There isn't anything new on the site!!!!
  • It's central time
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  • It's central time

    Duh. Thanks!!!!
  • I just got mine!  So excited!
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  • Got mine! Hope it works :)
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  • Got 2. Small and medium since she's already 14 lbs. Let's hope it's all it's cracked up to be.
  • I sort of can't believe I ordered one at the price they are!!! Eeek.

    Anyways I waited till 7 weeks to get a rock n play that everyone raves about and regretted waiting so long. Now I don't want to be behind on great products.


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  • Got mine!
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  • Once they arrive, will you ladies come back and tell us how you like them?

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  • Ordered! Can't wait and yes I'll report back!
  • I have one already. My LO does great in it. We are using it for naps now, but we plan on using it for nights soon as he keeps busting out of his swaddle.
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  • They still have them! I just ordered one!
  • Update on Swaddle Me that I posted on earlier-(haven't received Zipadee Zip yet!)
    My little one fell asleep. Alone. In her crib. :D Sure it only lasted 45 minutes, BUT IT HAPPENED! I love this swaddle because she sleeps in her swing at night (gonna try the crib once I get her Snuza) and this has a hole for the straps in between her legs. Lately, she had been waking up at 400 and today slept until 7! That's 1030 to 7, people. So, thumbs up! It's a great alternative to a Zipadee Zip.
  • I used the zipadee zip last night and he slept 830-2, 2-5(then a blowout lol so I had to switch to a miracle blanket). I was surprised because he seems to still have a significant startle reflex. This is identical to what he did the night before with the miracle blanket. So far so good. I am going to try again tonight.
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  • My daughter HATES the swaddle to the point if purple face crying. So, she really stopped being swaddled early on. This is a huge turning point for us because recently she has acquired helicopter arms and just goes to town on her face! It's the worst! Since she sleeps with her hands up and near her face, the Swaddle Me is great!
  • How big are your LOs? Zoe has started trying to break out of the Halo, so I think I'll try to get one of these to have on hand, but she's only 11lb and 10.5 weeks, so I worry that she's too small. The website talks about transitioning at four months.

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    My DS was 13 lbs 12 oz at his 2 month appointment. He's probably close to 15 now. He is 11 weeks

    Update: DS slept 830-330(8 hours with time change) in the zippy! :)

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  • I ordered mine 10 days ago. Joe long did it take to get one?

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