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ok, well I am jumping in the deep end.....

While at my girls dragon boat race (one came in 2nd and the other 3rd) I signed up for Camp Gladiator.  30 day boot camp trial....this will either cure or kill me.  

Anyone else heard of these fitness plan folks??  Any experience with them?? 

Re: Camp Galdiator

  • Thanks...will do!!!

    I weighed in at 220...a gain of 10 since we found out we were pregnant. My wife has gained .5 a pound total. I am very proud of her healthy eating and limited exercise.

    Going into the back half of this "race", I am hoping to drop close to 200 (I should be 190) and keep my DW active and converting some of her weight to lean muscle. Small weight, many reps, being safe while we are doing this together.

  • Supposed to start this tonight...a bit apprehensive...I'll let you know how it goes.

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  • Success!! I am very pleased with my experience! I am tired, but its 11 and I am still a bit pumped. I'll probably crash after this post.

    The activities were hard, but I did them and am glad for it! It was well organized and I like all the staff that I have spoken to at Camp Gladiator. This is a nation wide company, though I don't know all of their locations.

    Shooting for going tomorrow as well, then sticking to a MWF schedule. 

  • Glad you liked it. Keep it up.
  • Unfortunately I slept through the alarm on

    I agree with the abandoning thoughts, though I was "pushed" a little towards this. I know there will be a balance and I am hoping that once I have been going for a few months I'll do some exercises on my own in the event I need to stay home.

    Today 5am came early....ugh. But I am proud of me for getting to it!

    We did lunges for 20 yards, then floor work. Supermans, twisting sit ups, pointers, Standing crunches, toe touches. Seems like not a lot, but it was a good workout. He keeps things upbeat and positive, which makes the time go by, even when you're "dying".

    I'd recommend it for anyone, no matter their experience or endurance.

    [Deleted User]
  • nearly killed

    I was introduced to tire work.  OY!

    BUT I loved it and feel good (though exhausted).  I am on track for 3 days a week, which is really prob the best I can do from a time balance and lifestyle balance right now.  I'd love to lose the 25 lbs quick, but it added on slow, it'll be slow (and healthy) to shed.

    Thanks for everyone's support!

  • Beginning Week 3.  I've unofficially lost 6lbs.  In all fairness though I think my original weight check was at the end of the day and my check this morning was after interval training.  I usually lose 4-6lbs quick, the next 5-7 lbs about avg then have to work for anything above that.  Of course I gain that back just as fast.  :)

    Tires weren't too bad.   They were normal truck tires, not Caterpillar truck tires.  WHEW!!

    . Lol Btw. I used to work in a clinic helping people looking to make behavior changes for all sorts of things, one of them being weight loss. There is a lot of info out there. Some good and some not so much. My best unsolicited advice...if you aren't...track what you eat, writing it down or putting it in an app BEFORE you eat it. Don't even need to have a calorie goal, but the process of tracking by itself will lead to making more healthful food choices.

    GREAT suggestion!!  All my significant and maintainable weight loss came via an app that I put my food into for tracking.  I agree to put it in early.  It lets you make choices and work out more if you do want that beer at 9. 

    Today's interval training was good.  Hard, but good.  I am enjoying my energy fizz drink over coffee/monster/redbull, so that is good!!  Its good to wean off of coffee, but I love the taste soooo much!!  :)

    I am really going to try and get 3 work outs in this week.  I want to hit Friday, but by the end of the week I am sooo drained.  SHHH...don't tell my DW cuz I need to get more in sync and energized before JR comes along!  :) 

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