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Sweaty Baby

so my LO is a sweaty baby. When we first came home we turned our thermastat to 70 so that she would be comfortable. She cried because it was too warm. We now keep ur around 65 but she still sweats. We have to lay her down in just a diaper at night or she becomes restless. With winter quickly approaching I wondered if anyone else has experienced this? Her hands and feet stay wet with sweat. Her whole body is clammy. I don't want her to be sweaty and catch a cold this winter. I read an article about sweating being related to SIDS and that made me worry. Do I just have a hot natured child, or is there a cause? Pediatrician isn't too concerned where it has been warmer months.

Re: Sweaty Baby

  • I'd get a second opinion from a different pedi. I've read a few of the articles too, and it can be related to a deeper problem with the heart or nervous system, or it could just be that your house is too warm. Getting a second opinion, and voicing your concerns to another dr, could not only possibly help prevent something serious, but it will also give you peace of mind. FX it's nothing.
  • Id get a 2nd opinion too. My lo gets sweaty too but we're in TX where it's still in the 80-90's and he mainly gets sweaty only on his back when in my bedroom which is the hottest room in my house. We keep our thermostat at 74.
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