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Is it to early for binki?

My son is 5 days old and my loving hubby gave him a binki to calm him down. He has gas and well scream and kick his legs, grab at his face and get all red. It is very hard to watch and he does this for a while. Is it to early to use a binki to calm him? I'm not sure how to help relieve the gas for him we trick rubbing his tummy, walking with him upright, burping, rubbing his back nothing Seems to work. He gets so worked uo he won't nurse either:( What do you think about binki at this time? Suggestions on how to help with gas Thank you for your help Jen
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Re: Is it to early for binki?

  • That's totally up to you. My LO had a paci immediately after birth because he had some complications and I couldn't nurse or even feed him until he had been evaluated by a specialist. He needed something to soothe him. It's never "too early" to give one, it's just parent preference. Some people worry about nipple confusion but mine sure knows the difference between what had milk and what doesn't lol.

    As for gas, try laying LO across your lap on their belly and pat their back. Or lay them on their back and bicycle pedal their legs. Those seem to help comfort my little guy when he's gassy. :)
  • I started giving my son one at 5 days old. He breast feeds and takes supplement bottles and has no problems.
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  • I wouldn't worry about it.  My LOs got a pacifier right away (although DD didn't take to it at all).  DS took one until he was 3 months or so.  They both BF without any problems.  If it calms him then try it.  
  • My son is 5 days old. I was adamant I'd wait until 4 weeks for a binky to prevent nipple confusion. 48 hours in he had a binky as he spends most nights from 9-3 crying nonstop. So far, definitely no issues with nipple confusion. I love the binky and don't feel bad about starting it so soon. A few moments of a happy, non-crying baby is worth millions to me!
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