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I want to get my daughter a Baby Alive doll, but I'm definitely not paying for their diapers when DS is in CDs!  Does anyone have experience with any real diapers or covers that fit these dolls?  I can whip up some inserts if there are covers that fit.  I have some Thirsties Size 1 and minicoveralls from DS but I'm guessing these will be too big.  TIA!

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  • Bummis xs were the smallest I ever had.  I know Happy Heinys used to have a preemie version too.

    A recent post asked about rumparoos doll diaper.  It is really really poorly made.  I mean... I know it's a doll diaper... but still. it's bad.


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  • I thought they now made the cloth for baby alive and sold them in stores next to the dolls. I know I've seen sewing patterns for doll cloth that look just like the real thing.
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    Thanks all!  theultimatesak Hi! :-h
  • My daughter uses the xs Bummis Super Brite on her doll.  I'm not sure how big the Baby Alive doll is.
  • Contact the tbumz lady.  She would probably do a custom one.  Or is she gone forever?
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