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Evap Line on First Response or Positive result?

I have a slightly irregular cycle. It ranges from 24-30 days. I have been using this app on my phone that says when I should get my period. It's using an average of 29 days. That being said, I am supposed to get my period on Friday. My husband and I have been very intimate this past month and I took a pregnancy test yesterday (first response) and it was stark white. I heard that they best time to take them was in the morning. So this morning I took another one and as I watched it seep up the wick, I didn't see a pink line. I think I may have waited 2 or 3 minutes, but I saw nothing. I put it back in its wrapper and forgot about it. When I got home from work I took it out and I'm attaching what I saw. I read some research on evap lines, but this looks a little too dark to be one. I would take another test, but I only bought a two pack. Should I just wait until Friday (date of expected period) or should I consider this test a positive?

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  • Wait until Friday. Congrats on your intimacy with YH this month! That can only be good for your relationship! Please update your results with 1st tri if positive.
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