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7 weeks pregnant, my fiance is in navy, he is going through a divorce right now

Just found out that I'm pregnant. My fiance is waiting on the divorce to be finalized. Recently the ex of him found out that I'm pregnant and we had a wedding ceremony in September, nothing related to the legal stuff. We are still waiting for his divorce to get married again. She said she will press charges on him to get kicked out navy and jail time. Will he really get in trouble even they are legally separated and the divorce almost finalize? What is gonna happene? I'm so worry about him. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you xx
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Re: 7 weeks pregnant, my fiance is in navy, he is going through a divorce right now

  • The Navy does not recognize legal separation. They recognize the finalized divorce. As to whether he will get in trouble or not...who knows. That's up to who his ex reports it to if she even does report it.
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    Punitive article 134 of the UCMJ does not recognize "legally separated" to allow for a service member to have sex with other people outside of his or her marriage. The baby that you guys have conceived is proof of his adultery and COULD be used against him at Captain's Mast, where he could get any type of punishment, from nothing to court-martialed. It is up to the determination of the board at that particular mast. 

    That is, if the spouse decides to go forth with "pressing charges", which is really a misnomer because she doesn't actually press the charges, she would submit a statement to his chain of command, who would then press charges on him, so it would be like the US Navy vs your babydaddy, to compare it to the civilian world. 

    Source: I am in the military and have some experience with this. 

    Remember, it's always a case-by-case thing with this type of stuff. Nothing that anyone tells you on these types of boards for military stuff is really worth much value. 
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    And while I'm thinking of it, the best thing for the both of you to do is hush up about the pregnancy until they're divorced. Additionally, having you go far away to where paternity testing cannot be done in the local area would be ideal. 

    <<< edit to the above: Never mind, you can't be forced to take a paternity test. Don't go far away, LOL. But keep it on the downlow for sure!

    When your husband is questioned about whether or not he fathered the child inside of you, the best thing he (and you) can say is "I wish to fully cooperate but do not wish to make a statement at this time."

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