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my 6 week old doesn't really smile that much and sleeps a lot. Is she ok?

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  • Agree with PP. My LO is 6 weeks today. He has started to occasionally social smile (so not just when falling asleep or when gassy lol) but I can't always draw a smile out of him and he doesn't do it a ton yet. He also sleeps a lot! He is starting to spend more time awake during the day but still does, basically what PP said and has at least 2 long naps during the day (2-3 hrs) and a number of shorter naps (about 30 mins) and then sleeps pretty good at night. Certainly not through the night but we occasionally see a 4-5 he stretch between feeds - still usually eating every 3-4 hrs at night though.
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  • I have pretty much the same story as kerls227
    My daughter is 6 1/2 weeks and she smiles some, but not much. Usually at her dad.... I'm jealous!!!! DD has her days when it comes to sleep. Sometimes she sleeps all day other times I feel like she barely sleeps.
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  • I'll echo what others have said and say that my 6 week old son will smile occasionally, but only maybe 2 times a day...and it really just started to be more social and not as a result of bodily functions.

    She might be sleeping a lot because she just went through a growth spurt, so that's a good thing!
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  • DS just went through what seemed like a whole week of terrible daytime sleeping! Short naps, cranky, staying up for what seemed like hours with only a few minutes of sleep and then nighttime was hard with lots of wakefulness, he's 7 weeks on Thursday, and I'm thinking maybe he's tired from a growth spurt. As for smiling, he smiles when on the changing table or doing things he likes or looking at interesting things. I just try to smile back when I see him smiling. GL!
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