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starting tummy time

When did you start to put LO on tummy for tummy time? Did you use the Boppy or one of those playmats?
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Re: starting tummy time

  • After the cord stump falls off. Mine is 10 weeks and the dr said she has decreased upper body strength so I bought an actual mat.
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  • We also did tummy time as soon as the cord fell off. DD hates it and usually falls asleep. We got her a specific tummy time toy that's like a mini boppy with toys, it was $19.99 at Target and she seems to like it more although she could care less about the toys but it gives her a bit of a head start with the lifting and she's able to look around more.
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  • We started around 2 weeks. I'd have him on his tummy my chest a lot anyway and he loves laying like that. I also have a mat for him that I just lay him down flat on his stomach on. I put some toys for him to look at when he turns his head. He has strong neck muscles from always pushing off while breastfeeding!

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  • As soon as the cord fell off! We use the Boppy and a mat. My LO is 3 weeks.
  • We did tummy time on my chest until his cord fell off. I put him in his crib or bassinet for tummy time now. With my DD I waited until she was around a month old and we discovered she had ptorticollis and we could start physical therapy until she was 12 months old bc of all the evaluations which was stupid. So I'm starting DS early to make sure he doesn't get any tight muscles. I don't want to go through that again.
  • We also did tummy time on my chest for the first couple of weeks, then on the floor.  I found he liked when I lay down with him so he could look at me.  When he started daycare, the providers put them on the floor facing one another during tummy-time, which LO really seems to like.

  • Another one for tummy time on chest until cord fell off and then once it was off we moved to a carpeted floor. At first he screamed and acted like he hated it. He would slightly lift his head and move it from side to side but complain the whole time. I just told myself it's the same thing as when I work out. I complain but I'm not dying or anything. Eventually he stopped whining and at 5 weeks he is able to lift himself up to almost 90 degrees. I will say that we don't have him do it until he is super content- well fed, changed and not acting sleepy.
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  • My Midwife got me to start around 3 -4 weeks. 5 minutes morning and night. I mix between a playmat and a blanket on the floor. At 6 weeks now I can see how much she has improved. 
  • 2 days old, her pedi recommended starting the day we got home from the hospital. 5 mins at a time. We use a blanket on the floor. Usually she'll wriggle her way across the blanket, sometimes she'll just sleep. The pedi didn't say she had to be awake :\
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