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your opinion on playtex bottles

I was currently using philips avent with some problems on my 5 wk old and was told to try the playtex drop ins.  My LO was making a huge mess and weird clicking sounds with her tongue (sucking too hard maybe) with previous and of course I had bought quite a few bottles.  But do you need as many bottles since you're using the plastic drop-ins?  For those using this bottle, how many do you feel is necessary?  Did you have previous problems with gas and switch to these bottles and make a difference? Thanks
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Re: your opinion on playtex bottles

  • My sister introduced me to these and I love them! I started using them strictly out of convenience because I was washing bottles so frequently. I just rinse off the bottles (I have 3) and throw them in the dishwasher every so often. I still wash and sanitize the caps and nipples but I feel like it still saves time. They are good for going out too. Just be careful if you use a bottle warmer it heats a lot faster too than the standard bottles because of the thin liner.
  • I switched from the avent to playtex drop ins a few weeks ago. I was EPing at the time, so I ended up buying 2 boxes (6 total) so that I could always keep 2-3 bottles in the fridge and not constantly be washing. I love the playtex. Switching to those, along with practicing paced bottle feeding eliminated 75% of LOs gas issues and also enabled us to transition back to the breast (which she was not interested in when we were using the avent). Now that I'm back to the breast all the time and usually only giving LO 1 bottle of BM a day, I could probably be fine with just 3, but I still like to keep extra in the fridge so I'm glad I have 6. But they are so much faster to wash because usually the bottle base gets no milk on it.
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  • I have about 6 also. But I did buy 2 or 3 boxes of nipples that way I'm not having to wash and sanitize all the time. I still sanitize about once a day.
  • I love them and would keep a couple on hand. I started with the starter set and found that the 2 of each size was totally fine for me!
  • I have both the advent bottles and the playtex drop-ins, my LO does not seem to have problems with either.  I personally prefer the drop-ins while my husband prefers to use the advent (however he doesn't have to wash bottles...LOL). 
    I originally got the drop-ins because I was pumping and the drop-ins were extreemly easy to freeze BM.  You can purchase a playtex kit that hooks up to your pump, and pump directly into the drop-in bag.  I set the whole bottle in the freezer until the milk froze and then transfered the drop-in liner into a small freezer bag and marked the date on the bag and put that bag in a bigger freezer bag with all the other liners I had.  This method saves on having to purchase bottles and you don't have to transfer the milk and risk spilling some. 
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