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I figured since this board does seem pretty slow, I'd liven it up a bit by doing an introduction poll!  So...

1.  How far along are you?

2.  First baby? Second? Third? 15th?

3. City or Suburbs?

4. Disposables or Cloth?

5. Working or SAHM?

6. Most embarrassing pregnant moment?

7. Best pregnant moment? 

Re: Introduction

  • 1.  How far along are you? 23 weeks, however my ticker says 24...

    2.  First baby? Second? Third? 15th? This is the first from my tummy - I do have a step-daughter

    3. City or Suburbs? The 'burbs

    4. Disposables or Cloth? We are going to give cloth a try

    5. Working or SAHM? Working!

    6. Most embarrassing pregnant moment? Thankfully, I haven't experienced all of the things I've been terrified of (peeing while sneezing, passing gas in public, being called huge) so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will be an embarassment free pregnancy!

    7. Best pregnant moment? Having my husband really feel the baby last night for the first time - his face was absolutely priceless!

  • I figured since this board does seem pretty slow, I'd liven it up a bit by doing an introduction poll!  So...

    1.  How far along are you?  Hmm... I am TTC right now!

    2.  First baby? Second? Third? 15th?  This will be our first baby!!!

    3. City or Suburbs? We live in the Suburbs.

    4. Disposables or Cloth? I would love to use CLOTH!

    5. Working or SAHM? Working only until we finish paying the majority of our debt off.

    6. Most embarrassing pregnant moment?  How about most embarrassing non preg. moment?  That would be going crazy thinking that you have to be pregnant, taking 6 pregnancy tests and having them all come back negative!  Raise your hand if you think I've lost my marbles!  Well, I do have to say that test #5 had a very faint line so then I went to the dr. to take test #6.

    7. Best pregnant moment? I think that will be when I finally get a positive! :)  And when baby is born, and the first time she moves!  And the first time I see the ultra sound, and when I hear the heartbeat and know the sex!  YEAH!

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  • Hi everybody!!

    1.  How far along are you? almost 28w

    2.  First baby? Second? Third? 15th?  1st

    3. City or Suburbs?  um, half and half.  We live in Sellwood, so we get the best of both worlds!  And only 7 minutes to downtown Portland!

    4. Disposables or Cloth?  Disposables.

    5. Working or SAHM?  Working now, SAHM in about 3 months.

    6. Most embarrassing pregnant moment?  This is so emberrasing... I had a bad case of the farts in a bathroom stall at Target, and someone came in 1/2 way through, wearing white keds.  I could NOT hold the farts in, they just kept coming.  The white keds left, and I waited a good 5 minutes before I walked out of the bathroom, cause I wanted her to be gone.  I walked out and sure enough there's 2 21-ish girls standing there laughing.  I was mortified.  I wanted to say "I'm pregnant, you biitches, that's what happens!"  But I didn't say anything.

    7. Best pregnant moment?  Every single day? LOL.  I love being pregnant.

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  • 1.? How far along are you? - not currently pregnant but trying to conceive #2

    2.? First baby? Second? Third? 15th? - only 1 cute DD

    3. City or Suburbs? city

    4. Disposables or Cloth? disposable

    5. Working or SAHM? working

    6.?Most embarrassing pregnant moment? when I split my too tight pants because I was in denial that they still fit and was not ready to cross over into the world of maternity pants

    7.?Best pregnant moment? finding out I was having a GIRL at the 20 week ultrasound

  • 1.  How far along are you? TTC #2

    2.  First baby? Second? Third? 15th? We have a beautiful baby boy.

    3. City or Suburbs? Way out in the burbs. We live in Forest Grove

    4. Disposables or Cloth? I had visions of cloth but sadly we use disposables

    5. Working or SAHM? SAHM

    6. Most embarrassing pregnant moment? No one moment, just the whole stinky farts thing. I remember calling my husband in tears because I couldn't bear to be around myself. Plus, you always have someone to talk to when your pregnant.

    7. Best pregnant moment? The whole thing. I LOVED being pregnant. I have terrible back and knee issues and worried being pregnant would be miserable but it was just the opposite. The hormones loosened everything up and I'd never felt better.

  • 1.  How far along are you? 5 weeks

    2.  First baby? Second? Third? 15th? This is my 2nd

    3. City or Suburbs? I live downtown in the country- actually Battle Ground, WA... but Portland is closest.

    4. Disposables or Cloth? Both

    5. Working or SAHM? SAHM and student

    6. Most embarrassing pregnant moment? Hate to say it, but with my daughter, I gained almost exactly 100 pounds. That was pretty embarassing.

    7. Best pregnant moment? The baby shower was pretty awesome.

  • 1. 23 weeks

    2. 1st baby

    3. City

    4. Not sure yet, might do cloth until the baby's on solid food

    5. Working.  Would love to be SAHM, but DH needs to get a job first (he  graduated in December)

    6. No specific moment, but I think the odd questioning looks at work before coworkers knew I was pregnant like, "Honey, you should really lay off the beer and cookies..."

    7. Feeling the baby move for the first time.

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