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Need help w shower locations please!

Hi all! Never posted before, but everything is hitting me now since we just hit 5 months and found out we are having a girl! :)  I am due Sept 5 and need to have my baby shower in St. Louis in the early part of July. I live out of state, but both of our families are in and around Stl. I am needing ideas on a place to do a shower, and I prefer no outdoors since it will be so humid.

 I would be totally fine having it somewhere south of St. Louis, maybe around Kirkwood or Fenton, or even West County area. I am trying to make it accessible to everyone who's invited.

Once location and date is decided (since I need to be able to fly in at the right time) then I can back out and not be involved. I appreciate all of the ideas I can get! Thanks!!

Re: Need help w shower locations please!

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    How many people, what's the budget like and what's the food situation.  Will the hostesses be providing the food or do you want a place that will cater?
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  • I've never actually been, but I've heard good things about Pepe's Apt 2 in Kirkwood. It's a really cute little tea-room sort of setting, and said to be great for showers, luncheon's etc.



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  • Around 30 people will be there. My two friends are hosting and haven't decided if they will cater or bring the food, all depends on the place.  I say nothing too elaborate or expensive, just low-key, but they disagree. I look at it as a 'one last visit before baby comes' but they don't see it that way since everyone else lives in Stl.
  • I have heard of them before, mostly for bridal showers. Do you think that would be too stuffy for a baby shower? (since the dreaded baby games will be played?)
  • We went to The Blue Owl Restaurant and Bakery in Kimmswick (just south of Arnold). Their food and desserts are amazing!!! Highly recommend them! They were on The Food Network a few times. We were able to reserve a room for about 30 people but they could do more or less depending on what you need.  We had my baby shower and the Baptism reception there also! They are very friendly and willing to help with anything! Let me know if you have any questions!

  • I would consider it more girly than stuffy. Like I said, I've never been there, but I've driven past and always thought it looked so cute in there.

    Or, if you want to do something fun, check out Go! Spa in Des Peres. I hosted a wedding shower there, and they were awesome. The bride was also pregnant, so we got her pregnancy massage, and the rest of us got manis and pedis. They have good packages, and a little boutique that sells some baby stuff. Plus, they'll let you bring in your own food/drinks. It is such a great place for a fun, let-loose kind of shower. And I'm sure they'd be fine with little games being played, too.
  • I've had both a bridal shower and a baby shower in the private room at Cardwell's inside Plaza Frontenac. 

    Also the Zodiak room is a great lunch spot inside the Neiman Marcus at Plaza Frontenac as well.

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  • The Fountain on Locust is a fun retro location and they have great food and yummy ice cream. It is just West of downtown close to St Louis University. 

    I used to work at Bevo Mill, which is a historic location in South St. Louis City. It is an amazing building and the Mill room is perfect for a baby shower. It is a round room full of light and the walls are covered with beautiful murals and tile. The building was built by August Busch (of the Busch beer family) and is a windmill. 

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  • There's a restaruant called Cuisine De Art in Creve Coeur area on New Ballas road that has a party room that is SUPER cute... VERY GIRLY... I think it would be awesome to have a shower there... I'm not sure how much they charge and I'm guessing they only let you use their food (and bring a cake) but I've seen people having showers there and it looks so nice.

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  • My name is Christina McHugh and I am the owner of The Nest. We LOVE hosting baby showers and we offer 20% off showers to members of The Bump. - thank you! 
  • Was just going to suggest The Nest- its awesome :)
  • I am now in the same position you ladies were in.  I need a venue asap.  Do you mind sharing where you decided to have the shower and how you liked it.  I am having a boy and my shower is scheduled for 5 weeks.  I am not totally thrilled with the selection my coordinators have proposed so far and would like to help out.  Thanks!
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