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Baby routines and bed times.

Hey ladies! So I was wondering what your routines are with your little one. My daughter is 9 weeks old and our days look a little something like this. 

She generally wakes up between 730 and 8. Diaper change and feed. Then she is usually awake and happy for an hour or so before falling asleep in her bouncer. She is eating basically every 3 hours. Daytime is a mix of sleeping, tummy time, eating, bouncer, swing etc. Evenings she generally naps down in her swing till about 1130 when I feed her for the last time for the night. This feed usually last longer than the others and by the time we are done, burped, diaper changed etc we head up to bed around 1230. Usually right around this time she is really awake and alert for about 30 minutes, cooing and smiling etc. My husband swaddles her and bounces her for a little while before she falls asleep. She does not like pacifiers so if we lay her down before she is sleeping she just cries. By the time all this is done and over with she is probably sleeping by about 130 and sleeps right through till 730-8, sometimes longer. Am I putting her to bed too late? We like it this way because she is still young enough she doesn't go longer than the 6 or 7 hours without waking up to eat. Putting her down this late allows us to basically sleep straight through till morning as opposed to waking up in the middle of the night and have to get her back to sleep etc. 

So just looking for thoughts and what your routines are etc. :) 

Re: Baby routines and bed times.

  • DS is 5 weeks old he has is own routine. Several naps a day, eating every three hours through the day and night. He gets a bath, tummy time, and playtime in between. There is no set schedule, I think he's still to young for that.

    DD didn't get into a routine until about 3 months I think.
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