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High-Risk Pregnancy

Any one here going natural?

Hi all, LO was recently diagnosed with Turner's Syndrome.  I have seen very few posts on this so to explain(long story short), my daughter will be missing a chromosome.  This comes with all kinds of medical complications that she will face in life, some of them right away.  Because of this, I am considering gong through my labor naturally to decrease the amount of medical interventions in her life.  I am going to talk to my OB about this on Tuesday and wanted to know what some of you wonderful ladies were planning.  Anyone else having high risk pregnancies that are planning a natural delivery? 

Re: Any one here going natural?

  • My second child was a high risk pregnancy -- specifically due to very high fluid. 

    I had natural deliveries with both of my boys.. they were both different, but both manageable.

    My advice to you is to take a birth class -- research different styles of natural birthing to manage pain.  I won't lie, it hurts, but if you are prepared for it, it makes you that much more ready to get through it.  I remember thinking with both births that the more it hurt, the more closer he was to being born.

    This pregnancy may be considered High Risk as well -- as I'm AMA, but more likely because I have suffered from RPL and I am MTHFR+.  These were coded on my peri referral this time and last.

    I am planning another med free/natural birth for this one as well.  
    Me - 34
    Him - 35
    DS #1 (after IUI, IVFs/FET and miscarriages) Alexander, IVF# 4 w/PGD, b. 10.22.08
    DS #2 (natural pregnancy) Andrew, b. 9.15.11
    Currently Expecting #3 - lightening strikes twice - another Natural Pregnancy EDD 5.11.15
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