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Do you tip at birthday parties?

Just curious.  This is the first time I'm doing a birthday party not at my house.  We're going to a bouncy place for her 4th birthday.  Am I supposed to tip the workers at the party?  Or no because it's part of their job?  I'm always confused with this stuff.  Just curious and want to make sure that I tip if it's appropriate. TIA!

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Re: Do you tip at birthday parties?

  • Personally I probably would not if it was part of the deal/package that a worker would be assisting with things at the party. If someone goes above/beyond I might give a little something.
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    We haven't had either of the girls' birthday parties anywhere but in our home yet so I don't have any first hand experience with this yet. If you are paying for a birthday "package" somewhere though, no, I would not tip.
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  • ss+elss+el member
    I wouldn't tip at the bouncy place. If you were to rent one for the back yard and it came with an attendant (do they?), then I'd be inclined to tip.
  • I would if I felt like they went above and beyond.
  • stgn01stgn01 member
    Thanks ladies!

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  • LSU628LSU628 member
    Guess it depends on where the party was held. DD's party at the Children's museum- no. Her birthday tea party where we were served food and I had a personal attendant to make sure the party went smoothly- yes. I tipped on the total of the food/drink.
  • WorcbrideWorcbride member
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    we always tip--between the kids we've had parties at bouncy places, dance places, gymnastic places and a swim place.  We also give the party coordinator something.
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  • Heck no its their job.
  • Yes, but it is in our contract, so the decision was made for us.
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