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Early Ultrasound for history of Multiples

Hi Ladies!

It has been quite awhile for me so it is nice to be back.  I am here because I'm pregnant with #3 (or so I hope it's just one this time!)  My questions is this:
knowing all too well that only an ultrasound will tell if there are two or just one in the oven, I wanted to know what I could say to my Dr.'s office to see if I could get an early ultrasound.

I was told by my Dr. when I got my Mirena removed that they would likely not bring me in any earlier just because I already have a set of twins.  My pregnancy with them was fairly uncomplicated as well.  Is it possible to just call and ask for an early ultrasound?  Twins GALLOP in my family.  And as an omen yesterday, a lady came up to me and my husband to dote on our twins and to exclaim to us that HER daughter had two sets of twins.....17 MONTHS APART!!  God bless her.  

So how were you able to get an early US, or do I have to suck it up and wait for the first tri screening?

Thanks for your thoughts!
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Re: Early Ultrasound for history of Multiples

  • My o/b always does a dating ultrasound at 8 wks or so. I'm surprised everywhere doesn't do one. But you can always call and ask.
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    My OB does a dating u/s at the first appointment which is typically scheduled between 8-10 weeks.

    I would just voice your concern of another set of multiples and see what the response is.
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  • I agree that my practice does ultrasounds at the first appt.
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  • I'm curious about this as well for when I (hopefully) am pregnant again in the future. My first pregnancy was twins, which I didn't find until 20 weeks at my first ultrasound (I was seeing a midwife, and that practice's policy was only one ultrasound at the 20 week mark unless there were complications), plus my family is riddled with multiples (my maternal grandmother had spontaneous di/tri triplets, plus several sets of twins sprinkled amongst my cousins). A lot of it may have to do with what your insurance company will cover, and whether history of multiples is considered a valid reason to have a dating ultrasound. Definitely ask your OB!
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    I had a doc who wouldn't see me until 9-10 weeks. I was worried bc of a previous miscarriage and wasn't crazy about that doc anyway so found another group to try. I got an appointment at 7 weeks and was told by the receptionist they don't normally do US that early but to ask the doc. I didn't even have to ask. He just did it and we saw the two heartbeats :)
  • My grandmother had two sets in the same calendar year, 11 months apart.  Irish quadruplets, God love her, and she had a 2 year old on top of it.  She's 94 and does tai chi so maybe having a bunch of twins means your body is all but bullet-proof.  She also looks like she's in her 70s, I hope I got all her genes.

    Sign of the times, my grandmother's mother tried to convince her to leave the older set of twins (which included my mother) at an orphanage for a couple years so she could raise the new set.  She refused :)

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  • I asked my OB about an early scan because I had the same fear, but found out on Tuesday that it's just one this time! The past month has been grueling waiting to find out- I love my 2 year old twin boys so much, but don't think I could do it again with another set. I made the OB scan me EXTENSIVELY though just to 'double' check. (LOL) Good luck
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