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Changing Pads - so many chemicals!!

Anyone have any suggestions that are cheaper than the 100$ Naturepedic changing pad? This is my third baby, and since my first I have completely changed almost every product in my house. I wish I knew more when I registered for my first!! Regardless, I don't want to spend too much, and I'll use a changing pad cover, but I'm really trying to find something that has a non toxic design with no vinyl, pvc, phthalates or polyurethane foam. 

Anyone have any tips?!

Re: Changing Pads - so many chemicals!!

  • Thanks for the feedback!!!

  • You can search the Greenguard website, they list consumer products that are low- or no-emitting. If I recall, there are a few options for pads that are reasonably priced, but many might only be available online 
  • I made my own with wool batting sewed inside a PUL cover and then a second removable cover that can be washed. Nothing fancy, but it works.
  • Thank you! We went with the Oeuf actually! :) 

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