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Not signing the IEP

Is there anything wrong with just not signing the IEP? I've kind of reached a standstill with the whole process. My son met all his goals last year. The team could not come up with any more age appropriate goals for him. Therefore the new IEP has one goal- to maintain last year's goals. They also want me to sign off on neuropsych testing for him.

The teachers and the class are great. They are constantly pushing the bar for him. Is there any harm in not signing the IEP because a. it's pretty much exactly the same as last year only less specific and b. I don't want neuropsych testing. I feel like if I sign this they are going to trick me out of services. At this point the writing is on the wall that they want to release him and I"ll be ok with that after this year. Any harm in just playing dumb and not signing it until well into the school year? This is what my instinct is telling me to do (I think, since I've lost both copies now). Thanks!
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Re: Not signing the IEP

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    McRib said:

    They also want me to sign off on neuropsych testing for him.

    Can a school make parents get an eval, and for what purpose??!

    I thought an MFE is done for accommodation purposes only - why would a school demand a parent seek medical eval?

    I just remembered a family.members son! The school requested for the parents to seek outside testing - they denied it. They were willing to accommodate whichever way the school sought to be fit - but they drew the line at seeking an outside evaluation for medical purposes.

    Can you cross out and make them retype the IEP excluding the neuropsych eval? While the IEP would say the same thing as last years goals - it wouldn't have the eval requirement either.

    It sounds more like the eval is ruffling your feathers moreso than the goals.

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  • I have never done this before for an IEP. I do tell DH we don't have to sign it right away and we can take it home to review it.

    We did however, called 7 IEP meetings and met and signed it. I just did not like what we agreed and many things needed to be changed or it just did not feel right all those times we met. So after you sign you can request a meeting until you get a compromise. I would not suggest that because it is exhausting.
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  • We accept but partially reject until they make the changes we want. We only sit down as a team again once there's enough to merit discussion. Placement, ESY ...

    The language is "We accept full implementation of the IEP while rejecting the inclusion of ___ and/or the omission of ___." Then you can go into details. 

    Not signing = rejecting in the eyes of the law. 

    We've discussed your son's social pragmatics before; I would strongly encourage you to revisit that area of his performance. 

    When is his triennial reevaluation? Is this part of that or a separate eval they're requesting? 

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  • I'm on a mobile, so I didn't see your child was in preschool.

    What are your fears with the IEE?
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  • Remember NOT signing the IEP will not stop it from going into effect. They had your consent on the initial IEP and that's all they need.  If you disagree with a proposed IEP there are channels to go through to help with that process. Auntie touched on the "stay put". I would suggest writing a letter prior to your date that it will go in effect to let them know why you do disagree.

    Going from preschool to k is scary! Testing is needed, however, as mandated by IDEA to properly identify which one of the 12 other labels to ID the kid under the IEP.
  • Why don't you want the nueropsych WBAL? Are you familiar with what it entails? This is not a psychological study of how will adjusted your child is our how you parent. It is about how well your child is meeting educational and social standards for his age group. The first time I heard "psychological evaluation" I had a very different ideas of what it would entail. It's basically an in-depth IQ screening.

    Other than that, yes, the school can force parents to allow an evaluation of their child, but I believe they have to get a court's permission to give them that authority. It is usually only used when the school feels a child needs special services and a parent refuses to allow the necessary evaluations.

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    The only IEP that I've been asked to sign was the first one. All the others we've met until all parties agreed and then it went into effect at the 10 day mark. As far as not signing consent to eval I think that's fine if you have very good reason and can articulate why you don't think the particular eval will provide needed or accurate information at this time. Losing services wouldn't be a reason I'd articulate. I'm kind of an information junkie. I figure the more the better so I've never denied consent. In fact when they wanted to do informal testing for his triennial I requested a full comprehensive eval.

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